About us

beaconWe are a new group based in Podsmead, Gloucester.  We aim to bring people together, helping to reduce the sense of isolation that is often such a big part of suffering with depression.  We run weekly sessions where people can meet up in a safe, neutral environment, we provide activities such as arts, crafts, exercise classes, singing, drama, cooking, knitting, anything you want to do really if we can find someone to teach it!  These activities serve as an icebreaker as well as teaching new skills and lifting confidence.

We also provide information about depression and the related conditions, and about how your medication works etc.  We know that GPs only have such a short time with each person and although many are very good and supportive it just isn’t possible to go through everything.  We have that time.  We can also talk about well-being in general, how to look after yourself, nutrition, relaxation techniques, exercise etc.

Each session costs just £2.50 to attend, or £3.50 for the whole day including lunch.  This is to help cover venue hire, activity materials and other running costs, as well as refreshments.

Morning support sessions are every Thursday 9.00-12.00, then there is a lunch club where it is just £1 for a simple, healthy lunch.  Then the afternoon session is arts and crafts 1-3pm.  You can attend just morning, just afternoon or all day, whichever appeals to you.  The group is held at Badgervale Court, Woodpecker Road, Podsmead, Gloucester GL2 5FQ.  For more information please email us: thebeacon247@gmail.com